Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Painting rainbows in watercolour

We've had some pretty impressive storms over here in the Alps and it's not been just rain but beautiful Rainbows. Some full smiling faces and some half arcs. It got me thinking that I've never painted a Rainbow. I've spent a few days thinking about it, planning how to tackle the battle. I felt that watercolor would be the most responsive, and would give a real Turner feel.

Stage One Painting Rainbows in Watercolour

Arches 'Not' paper stretched. The entire paper was dampened and Gamboge and Cadmium Red was washed in along with Winsor Blue and a little Permanent Rose,While this was damp I took out an arc shape with a damp hake flat brush. This was left to dry and then the mountain shapes painted in. Winsor Blue and Permanent Rose helped shape the dark shades in the mountains while Gamboge and Cadmium Red gave a rich hue for light in the mountains. These were all dampened underneath with clean water to soften.

Stage Two
Painting Rainbows in Waterercolour

Juicy dark hues of Winsor Blue, Cadmium Red and a hint of Permanent rose was used for the foreground tree shapes. The tricky stage came now, the Rainbow' I decided to dampen the dry rainbow with a hake brush and quickly added a weak wash of Cadmium Red, followed by Lemon Yellow and a very weak Winsor Blue. To stop any hard lines forming I softened the edges of the arc with a damp hake brush.Hey Presto ' A rainbow'
This is my first Rainbow study, I'm sure there will be more especially with this stormy weather.

If you would like to learn more on softening watercolours my first Online course shows you in easy step by step stages for more information

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