Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Yorkshire and Lakeland

Yorkshire is preparing for the Tour de France, everywhere there seems to be the colour Yellow. 

Spending time in France is a wonderful experience. It's opened my eyes to new views, amazing light and so many exciting ventures.Coming back for a quick trip to Yorkshire and The Lakes shows what a difference it has made. I'd started to take things too much for granted, but with fresh eyes wide open, new painting challenges started to appear. The English cuisine also cannot be bettered or maybe it's the 'Northern palette'

I can see this view been visited again with the watercolours.

  Fragrant beautiful Bluebells out in bloom

  And pungent Garlic 

A few showers promising and blue skies above Derwentwater

With company on lots of walks

'Chance' fed up of stopping for photo's instead of throwing sticks.

Derwentwater from Dodd, where the Osprey nest can be viewed.

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