Monday, 19 May 2014

watercolour cat

A favourite time to paint is first thing in the morning.
 Usually accompanied by coffee, all is quiet except the birds singing. I had found an old  sketch while I was flicking through the sketchbook and thought I'd have a change , never painting a pussycat before.
 Plenty of Dogs, Sheep and a few Cows. I wanted to keep it simple, trying to concentrate on pale tones and glazing. All was going well until the tail. I know it was Black, I hoped the 20% rule on drying lighter would work!! It did a little and also when adding the flowers and shadows this helped to balance up the scene.
I fancy having another go, maybe larger or even with some pastels, lets see

Watercolour by Jane Ward
Size 13 x 8 inches 


Carol Blackburn said...

Wow, that's so pretty.

retriever said...