Friday, 4 April 2014

The joy of Watercolor

 Pointe Percee from the Grand Massif
Painted in Watercolours
For sale

Things have been a bit hectic over the last week but before I tell you my exciting news.
Here is 'Pointe Percee' I'm pleased with my latest watercolour and feel that I have learned a few lessons over the last couple of months painting here in the Alps. It's a brave thing saying 'I'm pleased'

The lessons I learned

1. Keep it simple, leave out detail have beautiful colourful washes, this is the joy of watercolour
2. Soften with misty areas.
3. Cobalt Turquoise is a wonderful colour but can be very opaque and creates muddy shades, use neat to give Zap
4.Use the brush!! Not just loaded with paint softly painting, sometimes dry and aggressive.varied brushstrokes
5. Use  lots of  tonal values.

I've had some fantastic comments lately from students doing the online watercolour course. It's so good to see paintings from students who have barely painted before or had a gap from painting, hearing there comments and most of all seeing them improve with confidence and new skills.
Giving personal feedback and helpful tips on each individual painting in the six projects is one of important factors.
For me been inspired daily by amazing scenery and light is something I love to share and sitting here today writing this blog I have a new view to show  you.

 The view from Les Houches to Chamonix valley, my new home for a few month if you would like 
If you would like to join the online watercolor course
just send me an email and we can get painting straight away

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