Sunday, 20 April 2014

Morning Shadows, Chamonix

Morning Shadows, Chamonix.
Painted in Watercolours.
Size 12 x 21 inches
For Sale

I love watching the shadows light up the mountain range in a morning, it's like a light been turned on very slowly. Cobalt Blue, Permanent Rose and Warm Orange all played a big part of this painting. 
The Aguille Vert again is catching my eye. 
This morning it started very different. A cloud inversion covered all the view, then like magic the clouds started to left and all was revealed, but again a joy to watch, but at -1 a little chilly.
Next week the view will change and you may recognise a few Lakeland fells hopefully been captured in watercolours in bright sunshine!

If you would like to paint in watercolours with a little guidance along the way

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