Sunday, 29 September 2013

Morning mist, Samoens

Morning mist, Samoens

Painted in watercolours
 Size 27 x 19 inch unframed
For Sale

I fancied having a go at painting this big beautiful view over a year ago, when we stayed at Chalet365.
Been in Samoens for the last few months and seeing the changing weather and moods is great for painting.

Walking up the lane this week with a valley of cloud inversion, I knew what I had to paint.
I sat and gazed and took a few photo's did a quick sketch, worked out some colour ideas and swatches
and then raced back to start the painting. Working on such a large scale is very daunting but fantastic to capture a big view like this.

If you would like to paint in watercolours for a week staying at Chalet 365 Samoens, French Alps
I am organising a weeks painting holiday from 30th August 2014 

For more information on 'Morning Mist' or painting holidays 

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