Thursday, 26 September 2013

A walk to Refuge de Sales

Walking towards the waterfalls of Cascade de Sales  we had already passed Cascade de la Sauffaz  on this stunning walk to Refuge de Sales. The track skirts through the gorges with breathtaking views all around. The late September colours are softer with less Green around, more ochres and the shadows are so intense I kept seeing painting locations all the way.

Looking back down the valley into the shade, with a lovely pointed mountains in the distance and a touch of snow.

What a view, but watch your step.I'm lovely the way the light hits the rocks.

Once out of the gorge we come to the flat pastures and the chalets of Sales.We could'nt believe that cattle grazed up here and wondered how they got here! Surely not up the path. In the early 18th century up to 500 animals where kept up here.The wifes and children lived here from early July to September, milking the cows and making Butter and Cheese. 

Apart from a few walkers we just had a couple of camera shy Marmots for company.

Looking back down the gorge and also back up

Cascade de la Pleureuse, nearly bathed in light.

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