Saturday, 17 August 2013

Lac Annecy painted in watercolours

A gorgeous hot day, barely any clouds in the bright blue sky and sitting on the shore of Lac Annecy painting, what can I say but 'Fantastic' The Lake was crystal clear and this little jetty beckoned me to have a dip. I sat and pondered swishing my legs in the warm waters, deciding how deep the water was. I swished a little too much and found out !But what better way to start a watercolour painting, getting a real feel for the view.

This speed boat caught my eye, I liked the shadows of purple on the cover and wondered would it work.

A quick sketch and colour wash gave me the encouragement I needed.

Lac Annecy
Painted in watercolours on site with barely any sketching, painting it with sheer speed and looseness in the warm sunshine, wondering was it working but looking at the view all the time. I call this method 'Painting by the seat of your pants' with no idea at what you are achieving just hoping, but  totally enjoying the experience of outdoor painting.

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