Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Cornes du Chamois.

Cornes du Chamois

Painted in Watercolours Size13 x 16 inch
For sale.

My second attempt at this beauiful Emerald pool in Sixt Cheval. The Cornes du Chamois and the gushing waterfall in the backdrop.This is quiet a daunting scene to capture in watercolour. Painting first the 'Cornes' in English I think they are 'Horns' and a Chamois is a small mountain like goat.
Next came the trees and with the help of a little wax resist in places, while these were still wet, the lake was laid in with some trepidation.
I wanted to create a loose feel to this beautiful scene and not get too bogged down with correct detail.

I have a few art books with me here in France and after a failed first attempt I had a look through my
John Singer Sargent to see his approach with watercolours. He spent most Summers in the Alps painting in Italy and Switerland and would then go to Venice to paint. I noticed in a few of his watercolours that he also used resist and left many areas of the paper untouched with paint. This I feel gives a true glow to the watercolour painting, yet is so hard to do. 

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