Thursday, 16 May 2013

Col de Jour plane

Let me share this beautiful cycle ride up Col de Jour Plane, or should I call it an uphill slog, 
struggle or sheer brute of a ride!!
 It's approximately eight miles up from the bottom of Samoens and an accent of 989 metres. Let me put this into Lakeland fell size Scafell pike is 978 metres. So for an artist who likes the colour pink It's an Everest!!

With plenty of Spring flowers to pass the slow gear with.

 And the  mountain peak of Criou on my right to admire

This is where the going gets tough

And who cares if there's a mountain behind to admire

Into the snow level, and I'm thinking I bet the cafe isn't open at the top 
that sells those lovely raspberry tartlets

Wild crocuses were popping through as I passed at a super fast speed

The closed road didn't turn us back! Upward and onward we were on a mission 

 Don't you just hate partners that don't seem to break sweat, while you struggle on pink and puce from exhaustion

Wearing the pink jersey and one last push to the top.

We made it to the top. A stunning ride, hard work but worth all the puffing and panting

Look at the snow line, but the cafe is shut!!! No Raspberry tartlet today

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