Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Painting sparkle on Derwentwater

 You may think this is just a photo of Daffodils, but note the way they are leaning over in the wind!
My intrepid artists knew all about the easterly wind that blow across Derwentwater yesterday.
The Daffodils didn't get admired for too long, but the Hot Chocolate did warm cold fingers that painted bravely capturing the scene in watercolours.

Today brought warmer sunshine and less easterly winds, I was prepared for sheltered locations with views to enjoy. Some painted Catbells, while Skiddaw and St John's Church steeple attracted other artists palette's

 Left over snow still on the top of Skiddaw Old Man. 

The afternoon found us basking in sunshine on the Derwent foreshore. The light cast silhouettes of Blues on Catbells and sparkle on the lake. I used a tonal palette of Ultramaine, Burnt Sienna and a little Raw Sienna.

Here is the view that was a joy to paint, sat in April sunshine watching the lake sparkle.

Catbells painted en plein today.

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