Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Blossom in the Alps

Welcome to the new pad 'Chez Bonamour'. 
Our trusty VW heavy with all treasured goods made it the nine hundred miles from Keswick to Samoens safely and without any breakages. 
I hope that I'm not going to bore you over the next few months with photo's and paintings of this stunning area in the French Alps, it really is so beautiful and lovely to share.

The blossom is just coming into flower, but notice the snowy peaks in the distance. The weather has been a little cloudy  with a few cloud inversions.

I'm hoping to find out the name of this pretty flower, it could be a wild orchid?

I know these are Cowslips and this is looking up to Chez Bonamour we are the half chalet on the right next to the wood.

I think this says 'Printemps' Spring

I've got the feeling I call 'headless chicken' with so much to paint, I don't know where to start
I'm sure next blog will be a painting could it be flowers, mountains, blossom or Chickens!

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