Sunday, 28 October 2012

An Autumn feast of colour in the Lakes

A beautiful day in the Lakes, and what better thing to do than walk up a fell,  have a picnic lunch sitting at the top admiring the views. The trees are just stunning at the moment, but not for lonng I guess.
 Dodd is a perfect little hill near Keswick with stunning views all around. I feel I could paint three of these. This one above caught my eye, I particularly like the soft glow of the fells behind the trees on the right.

The river Derwent caught my eye meandering its way between Bassenthwaite and Derwentwater

Gazing the North towards the Solway, I feel this could make a lovely pastel painting with Creiff in the far distance.

Turning round on the way down, and what an Autumn feast of colour. I know it's a strange composition but I feel this would be a great Oil to have ago at, with complementary Blues and Oranges.
So I have three paintings to think about after a lovely walk up Dodd, lets see what happens!

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