Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A place that needs painting?

For me been inspired in painting is all about a feeling, a place or seeing something that moves you so much, you just have to paint it! Here are a few paintings that did just that. 

Sharp Edge, Blencathra. 
I've had three attempts at crossing this ridge, mostly in bad weather and always resulting in the 'old disco leg' shake! To paint this with drama I needed to feel this!

Castlerigg Stone circle
Inspired by the first heavy snow, I walked up to the circle, it was in-passable by car. When I arrived the light and shadows were breathtaking and the sun just in the right place behind a cloud but giving a silver lining effect. 

Grange in Borrowdale
After a trip to Musee d' Orrsay and inspired by Degas, I couldn't wait to get the pastels out, and this Autumn scene caught my attention.

The lost Valley, Glencoe
I've walked in the Lost valley a few times, but on this cold winter day, armed with paints and sketchbook for Thirty minutes I watched and sketched the clouds moving around Bidean Nam Bien a true classic Scottish Mountain.

Rannoch Moor
Another cold day on Rannoch Moor, Ten minutes sketching was all I could endure and then it was straight into to the studio, keeping this magic moment still alive.

A Yorkshire Summers day, just before the harvest was cut, with the Poppies blowing in a warm breeze.

A painting of dreams, this magic location is pure joy to sit and relax in the warm Italian sun, gazing at a villa, that could one day be yours, when those magic lotto numbers come up.

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Jane..these are beautiful!