Sunday, 29 April 2012

A walk through Big wood

With a sunny break in this horrible weather we are having, I had a delightful inspiring walk through 
'Big Wood'. The Bluebells are out in flower and the spring greens are so rich and pretty. 'Pretty ' is a strange word to describe green leaves and grass but I think it is perfect. 
I've a massive canvas that is sitting in my art room looking blank and white. I keep wondering what to paint and after watching the David Hockney programme I really do fancy having a go at 'Big Wood'
I will keep you up dated .
Toward St Johns with Barf in the background and plenty of Dandilions 

More spring greens with a dark looming Causey Pike 

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Julie Ford Oliver said...

I am so happy to know about your blog. I have enjoyed a wonderful time looking at all the marvelous paintings and photographs. They brought back some very happy memories.