Saturday, 7 April 2012

Painting in Borrowdale with snow showers

Here are a few photographs from  'Scafell painting course' the weather was certainly very different but my truly intrepid artists were so enthusiastic. Not all of us ladies dared to cross the stepping stones, but John showed how it was done and I'm pleased to say there was no wet feet.

The trees are just coming into bud but you can't quite make out the snow capped mountains from here.
We did find a lovely warm sunny spot at Grange to  sketch and paint the bridge. 

Ashness bridge was a little chilly but the famous little bridge did get a few photographs for future painting projects. The Silver birches and boulders caching the light and interesting shadows.

We watched the Blue Tits and  Robins from the warmth of Mary Mount with Hot Chocolates warming our hands.

The hamlet of Stonethwaite was a real joy to capture in warm sunshine with Herdwicks and lambs, Snow covered Eagle Crag and Mrs Jackson's cosy tea room with fresh Ginger bread.

Feeding tome for Herdwicks

With temperatures dropping from 26 degrees to 2 degrees in a week you certainly needed many layers on. 
Sylvie from Paris did not let this stop her from creating some beautiful atmospheric paintings, the photo above does not show the snow landing on her colour sketch!

But even with the weather been a little harsh, Borrowdale was a joy to paint 
with many subjects to capture and with wonderful students to share it with.

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