Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Slippery Soul's on Derwentwater

-7 walking through the park to my art class this morning, but a lovely welcome a hot coffee and  mince pies, well it is nearly Christmas!

 After taking some new paintings round to Viridian Gallery for the Winter exhibition which starts on Friday, we had time for a quick walk to Portinscale. I'm so inspired by the wonderful colours and light I feel everywhere I turn it takes by breath away.
I wondered where the Geese and ducks were with the Lake nearly frozen, and with loud squawking, hooting and quacking here they are.

' these wretched soles have no grip' said Mrs Canadian Goose slipping and sliding on the ice
 ' I told you when you bought those, you'd slip on your bum' said Mr Canadian Goose watching and waiting for him to be right!

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