Friday, 3 December 2010

The latest must have gadget in Keswick

Derwentwater this morning, unbelievably cold and so quiet and the freeze is on!

Been a bought the latest fashion accessory in Keswick, 'walking crampons' these wrap around steel studs should stop me slipping on the ice and enable me access more areas! These seagulls could do with a pair

Only saw two people down at the lake Jason the photographer, we had a good old chat about the light on the fells, these posts and it been blimming freezing, -7. Then saw 'Dennis' a keswick local farmer who looked doubtfully down at my new walking attire and said ' Are they good' I replied looking down at his green wellies 'Hey they stop my skidding' He then looked up at the sky and said 'your going to need skis not them things, it's going to snow' and off he went. 
It's not totally frozen yet! Love the light on these ducks

Now this photo I recon shows how cold it was, and also I think the snow is coming.

 Here's a link to the  Kahtoola Micro Spikes


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