Thursday, 8 December 2016

Day Eight Art Advent

Day Eight Art Advent 

Carzone, Monte Isola 

Painted in Watercolours 

Arrive by ferry, take a  walk down the quiet street,
 a young boy playing football,
with dreams of an Italian Shirt to wear.
Old doors, crumbling yet Grand Ochre buildings
Catch a glimpse of a turquoise lake.

Bright flowers spilling over terracotta pots,
A scooter sweeps by, on the way home for Lunch.
Stop at the cafe,  blue checked tablecloths,
And order a latte machiato,
A morning in heaven.


Pauline G said...

Hi Jane - We bought a print of this from Viridian Gallery as it reminds us so much of a lovely holiday in Italy a few years ago. It hangs in our hall and I just love how it brings the colours and sights alive for me.

Jane Ward said...

Hi Pauline, delighted to hear you have a print of Carzone, it is a wonderful place to visit, and on cold grey days lovely memories. Thank you for your kind comments it's always great to hear that my paintings are been enjoyed.:-)