Thursday, 8 September 2016

Painting from the heart.


Painted in Oils on Canvas.

 While cycling along the shores of Ullswater, I realised, I've stopped trying to paint exactly what I see. I want to delve deeper, I want to paint the joy that I  feel, the sheer  drama that the Lake District portrays. 
It came like a bolt out of the Blue, what have I been doing all these years.
Learning... maybe I'm a slow learner, I do become a little obsessed with figuring things out.
Not going to art college, but just painting each day.

This is my latest painting of the Langdales, the Oils are back in favour, it's not often I say this but I do like this painting. If like me, you are never quite pleased with the outcome of some paintings, it is a lovely feeling when you keep going and having a quick glance in the art room to see the painting  happily smiling back.

I think what I'm trying to say is sometimes we need to let go and paint from the heart, not what is expected. 

Happy painting today, maybe let go a little and see what the outcome is.

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