Sunday, 12 June 2016

Online watercolour courses

Here are the paintings for the Online watercolour courses

Each course has six projects which comes with a sketch to guide and simplify a scene, colout tags to help with colour mixing, a material list and with each project personal feedback with  helpful hints and tips on how to improve your watercolour painting.

Course One

Project one 
Derwentwater  Posts 
 Learn how to paint mist and create atmosphere.

Project Two
Blea Tarn
Easy sponging techniques for trees.

Project Three
Windermere Sunset
A limited palette to create a stunning sunset.

Project Four 
After the Snow
A dramatic sky and winter trees.

Project Five
Red Boat Windermere
Boats, mist and Ripples.

Project Six
On the Rocks
 Masking, Texture in rocks and how to paint realistic waves.

Each project comes with individual feedback and many tips on improving your work.

Online Course One £55.00

Course Two 
Watercolour Course

Project One
Ullswater Daffodils
Creating distance and foreground painting.

Project Two
Tarn Hows
A winter scene with a limited cool palette.

Project Three
Above Windermere
Subtle cool washes to create distance with warmer tonal values.

Project Four
Refelctions of a classic Mountain scene, scree and shadows all explained.

Project Five 
Derwent Isle

A collection of Autumn colours and simplified trees.

Project Six
Bluebell Wood
Creating a woodland scene with magical Bluebells.

Online Course Two £55.00

Course Three

Project One
Alpine Mist
An Alpine peak with atmospheric conditions.

Project Two
Turquoise waters, Annecy.
Masking fluid and tape and beautiful colours to mix with.

Project Three
French Doorway
Terracotta Pots, shadows and wonderful Geraniums

Project Four
Mont Blanc.
Creating a dramatic mountain scene, with a limited palette.

Project Five
Daisies and Buttercups in a Jam Jar
A still life with easy steps on painting glass and tonal Flowers.

Project Six
An Italian Village
From colourful buildings and reflections in  warm Italian waters, this final project has it all.

The Online Watercolour Three
Price £55.00 for Six projects, includes mixing tags, sketches and easy step by step and personal feedback with each individual project.
Price £55.00

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