Friday, 15 April 2016

Morning Light, Mont Blanc painted in Watercolours

Spending time in Chamonix, watching the magical light on the snow covered peaks was totally inspiring for this artist who loves Mountains. I sketched them early morning, afternoon on the slopes and late in the afternoon, catching that gorgeous Alpine Glow. Never getting bored.

It's a wonderful medium is watercolour, very portable, a few brushes, small palette and a favourite sketchbook. I took two along, no Three to be precise!! 

Stage One 
A full imperial piece of Saunders waterford was taped down and ready to go.
 Pre sketch done.  Brushes picked, palette cleaned and fresh paint squeezed.
 Radio on. 
All ready to go 
Washes of Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine, Winsor Blue and Cobalt Blue were all used in big wet washes, giving them time to merge together. 
The white of the paper was very lightly stained with warm Orange. 

Stage Two

Darker tones are added in wet washes and also onto dry paper. Mist is softly painted in with the help of transparent washes, a water spray and tissue to soften.
Larch and Spruce Trees are added with more detail and tonal value, a little wax and the help of a  palette knife.

 Morning Light, Mont Blanc.

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