Monday, 6 July 2015

Perfect outdoor painting weather

After the heat wave last week it was vey pleasant to sit and paint in perfect conditions
 for the water-colourist. Heavy rain clouds threatened above and the mountain tops kept disappearing under low cloud.
The hues and tones were ideal for watercolour painting. It is magical been outdoors, watching the landscape change before your eyes and the scene there for you to paint!
 I had good company with fellow artists enjoying the peace and beauty of this special place.

Fantastic sky conditions today, so lots of different Blues came into action.

A glimpse of Turquoise and Cobalt Blue.From calm reflections,  the lake changed to rather choppy conditions perfect for the dry brush or a touch of wax.

Working on two smaller pieces helped with drying times and it was great fun not getting too wrapped up in a big piece of paper. Working fast outdoors can be ideal. Weather and light conditions change, and you can move to new locations.
I work with a camera tripod, with a  board fixed and paper taped on top.
 It's lightweight and easy to adjust to whatever height. Been next to the Lake edge, I can use the water, but have been known to fall in!!

Barf from Ashness
Size 13 x 5 inches

Low clouds Skiddaw
Size 13 x 4 inches
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