Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Painting Ullswater

It's great to be be back in the Lakes. Only driven on the wrong side of the road a few times and asked for 'L'oignon in Sainsburys so adjusting to life in good old England. I've not managed yet to get the paints out properly but have unpacked all the gear and got all my wonderful art books out of store.
I wonder if anyone else also thinks about placing certain artists books next to each other. Matisse is rubbing shoulders with John Singer Sargent  and Trevor Chamblain is in between John Curtis his painting friend and Edward Wesson!!

I managed a sneaky cycle down to Ullswater, this been my closest lake about five miles away. The skies threatened heavy rain, as you can see by the grey lake shimmering in light. Autumn colours are starting to show and the fells are rich velvet shades of Ochre.
I think this little scene would be great in pastels or watercolours, I will keep you posted on which medium I pick and do a little demo.

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