Thursday, 6 December 2012

Which would you choose?

I've got my last class of 2012 on Wednesday and I think it should be a special one. Why you ask?
Well it's 12th of the 12th month of the 12th year.
Asked what subject they would like and my trusty artists wanted a winter scene.
So after a little research on a cold wet day , I've come up with six studies, but need to narrow it down to one!
Which would you go for? Or if you are one of my trusty artists what do you fancy painting, why not leave me a comment and lets see if we can choose Wednesdays watercolour subject.

Could it be 'A '
Grizedale Pike with Sheep grazing, lovely shadows?

Or how about 'B'
Late afternoon, with a few farm buildings and Sheep again?

Now 'C' could certainly be fun
Not sure what my trusty artists would think to all these figures! Do you recognise Grizedale Pike again?

'D' is quite a classic
Love the fence and stones covered in snow, and a warm glow on Catbells.

'E' is the only Portrait view, but Derwent Isle is beautifully reflected

And 'F' is for Friars Crag
I've painted this many many times not always sucessfully but always a challenging and enjoyable scene.

So the choice is yours, I have my favourites

Lets see this time tomorrow which one gets the vote


Jan Dickson said...

Hi Jane
For me the one of Catbells - but might b difficult in watercolours !!

jane ward said...

Hi Jan, it could be a difficult one!Maybe some harmonising shades and tonal work, a little wet in wet in the Lake and then the best bit the fence.