Thursday, 1 November 2012

Dreaded art critique

First snow on Grizedale Pike today

More snow on the Jaws of Borrowdale

For all those that paint, I think we all have the dreaded 'Art Critique' that doesn't paint themselves, but is more than willing to give comment on how the painting is working or not!

I have thought many times of putting a large sign on my studio door saying 'DON'T UTTER A WORD WHEN PAINTING IS IN PROCESS' but if these art critiques are partners, husbands or even wife's they can't help themselves!

Sometimes not every time they can be right!

This small pastel study was not about been a masterpiece, more trial and error and I feel at times we all want to create something special instead of playing with the medium to see what it can achieve. I applied an Acrylic under base then some pastels gave it a little waters pray, all just to see what would happen.

But on that note it is important to get feedback and if it's Positive all the better!!

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