Saturday, 8 October 2011

Inspired outdoor painting in all weather's

It's the first time I've started a course driving to Grasmere with full headlights through think mist. Driving down into Grasmere it did start to clear. So with my hardy bunch of very keen artists we set off to find  a location. I was delighted at seeing waterproof trousers put on, coats zipped up and winter woolly hats popped into place and painting and sketching begun. This nasty weather was not going to stop the artists in Grasmere.Day two brought clearer weather but a little more wind so we found a little sheltered spot with waterlilies jostling for attention with Autumn leaves.Again straight into action some painting two if not three paintings at a time. A warm up of hot chocolate and cakes and off they went again embracing the famous Rydal waterfall. It is such a joy to paint with others who love the outdoors and see the potential of what it can do for your creative work back in the studio.

Inside demonstrations on day three, even the intrepid artists could not paint in hail

The sun did come out briefly and how enjoyable to watch from the studio window

So with the mention of snow I demonstrated a few quick paintings, we studied about colour mixes, different shades explaining Opaque and Transparent and the importance of 'white.
With inspired artists the time just flies by, and all weather is good weather!

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