Wednesday, 24 February 2010

A tree for inspiration

This little tree 'is the one I spy with my little eye' from my art room, this was taken on Monday.
 This is today!
So this is where it starts! What shall I paint? It's the 1st time this year when I'm not on a deadline for a painting. So had a bit of a flick through photo's and sketches nothing jumped out, and so this little tree beckoned!

 The wet walk up through the wood, slipping and sliding, been amazed at how loud the little Robin could sing. Turning to catch a glimpse of the Lake. A touch of Cadmium yellow on the gorse.

Getting higher and the snow was getting deeper.
This is not a enhanced photo, it really was this dramatic.
And back to my little tree at the top from a different angle.
But was I inspired?

Of course

Thought this might make an interesting subject.


luigi bluoso said...

Cara Jane, le tue foto sono davvero belle, l'atmosfera sul lago è molto suggestiva, credo che, oltre l'albero, hai altri soggetti cui ispirarti per dipingere. Sono proprio curioso di vedere i prossimi acquerelli. Ciao e buon lavoro.

Lakeland art said...

Molte grazie Luigi, lo scenario qui è stimolante e una gioia di dipingere

Lisa said...

Hello, I was just Blog-Hopping and ran across your blog. Very Nice!

Be Well...