Sunday, 19 April 2009

Five tops, Turner and a conductor

It's been a different week Wednesday had me in a Gloomy, foggy and cold Edinburgh but once inside the 'Turner in Italy' exhibition my spirits and inspiration was instantly lifted, there was over 100 paintings starting with earlier paintings and finishing with some of his last works, also on display were paint palette's, sketch books and unfinished paintings. It was great seeing these I work back to forward ( background, middle ground and finishing with foreground) , I have alot of artist friends that cover all the paper with different tones, But it was great seeing Turner work back to front! The paintings really were quite stunning and he was certainly a busy chap. this was one of my favourites.
I'm not a city chick and two days and I was yearning for mountains and fresh air so we decided to grab an earlier train, now this was a little risky, after waiting 50 minutes for a late train on a cold station in what felt like a wind tunnel ( I said I wanted fresh air!) we finally jumped on and relaxed in the warmth only to be told that we would miss our connection by 2 minutes! So 1 hour and 30 minutes was spent in a slightly warmer Carlisle, and so with 13 minutes to travel to Penrith we finally saw familiar scenery come into view and with 3 minutes before arriving at Sunny Penrith we had our tickets checked by a not to happy conductor to be told our tickets were not invalid on this route and we would have to pay £60 each for new tickets, the train was starting to slow we were arriving at Penrith, the conductor was turn in two did he charge us or let us get off at Penrith? Thank goodness he let us off with a severe telling off!

Scafell and Wastwater from Buckbarrow.

Wastwater Screes and Wasdale

So the last two days have been spent walking to the tops of five beautiful mountains Saturday took us into Wasdale it was a stunning day the light was so sharp and you could see for miles. Buckbarrow was the first top and sitting eating sandwiches on the top we decided to go onto Middle fell.

Today we woke to yet another wonderful day, so we made our way along breathtaking passes to reach the top of Wynrose Pass, parking the car we viewed the tops we would reach later the first was Great Carrs viewed here from the second top Swirl How

Nigel on his way to Grey Friars our third top of the day, with Dow Crag and

onto Black Coombe in the distance

Herdwicks with powder white face's enjoying a little shade


our shabby cottage said...

Gosh you must be fit Jane!
The prints arrived a while ago too and I am absolutely thrilled. They are beautiful and will look amazing when I have framed them. Thank you so much, Kathryn.

jane ward said...

Hi Kathryn, the legs don't feel quite so fit this morning!I'm thrilled the prints arrived and you like them.Jane