Monday, 4 August 2008

Knowing when it's finished.

Worked today on Friars Crag, I'm still getting to know my 'Wallis paper' from USA and I was a little worried that I had covered too much of the tooth of the paper with Acrylic paint, but no it was a joy to work with, I love working with an under painting, I think that you are more aware of colour and colour complementary. I worked so enthusiastically that I finished the painting and managed to frame it up ready for my exhibition at Moot Hall at the end of the week. Knowing when a painting is finished is sometimes a feeling that you just know 'that's it' or it can be a battle as to now when to stop, I sometimes take a digital photo and look at it on the camera or PC or look at it through a mirror but I always put it on the floor with a mount around and view it from about 2 feet away.

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