Thursday, 13 June 2019

Painting Block.

It's been a while
But now  I'm back
Things can happen in life, that change the way you feel.
I can't even write down how sad I felt.
For a while I didn't want to paint, and it's no good forcing paint to flow.
I got back out into the beauty of nature.
I started running, walking and gently picked up the paints again.
If you feel a block or have no passion for painting, just take your time and it will return.

I started back with a sketchbook.
I treated myself to a new Moleskin, not to big, perfect for taking out at any time.
It's not just for painting
I like to write why and when and what is.
Nothing is more magical
Nor more special
Than resting in a Woodland Glade
With the sound of Birdsong and
heavenly scented  sunlit  Bluebells.

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